Tamalah Panic

Contributed by Tamalah Panic

Dear Tamalah,

Self is you. Self is me. Self is us. Self is free.

Hello, younger I, younger I, hello.

Before you put this letter down because it’s longer than a Sam’s Chicken menu, with your illiterate ass, hear me out…these things are important:

I know that you feel like you’re smart but your brain is a muscle that needs training. Just because people tell you, “you’re not dumb” doesn’t mean you’ve got it easy. In school, there are many other things apart from the fundamental classes that they teach you that you need to learn. You need to start creating. You need to go and learn something that looks interesting to you because I know right now you’re not interested in anything. For example, right now at the time of reading this, you’re into fashion and making your own things, so why not take a sewing/embroidery/dressmaking class.

And Hell NO! You're not too cool for it so don’t ever try and utter the words, “But I don’t want to”, and just get into things. When your older you have less time and feel way more run down; not to mention your mind being numbed, daily, by retail jobs and unorthodox working hours. This is why it is also critical that you keep reading, and training to read faster, take more in; and think about it afterwards. Good brain practice and habit creating-ness.

When people say you are shy, don’t take it as a compliment or a passing comment. Being labelled as shy is never a good thing when it means you're not showing who you truly are and you need to stop caring so much how the world views you. You are black. You have been raised with both black and white cultures, which you should be proud of, but you are black.

Do not let the Year-11 girls tell you that you’re ‘half-caste’ or tell you the reason your hair is so ‘nice’ is that you have white in you. Do not let that be a catalyst to build your ego; there is more racism amongst black people than there is betwixt the races themselves.

There is no superior race. We are all The Human Race, no ONE is winning, and WE, have all already won; by being here alone—deep that bihhh!

You are a ‘woke’ child, always have been and always will be. This is your blessing and you have your amazing mother to thank for that. All the things people are only finding out and ranting about these days are things you’ve known since a young age. You have good intuition; follow it. Remember, as a Pisces, you are the most psychic of all the signs (as much as we all know not to take these things too seriously) but for you; this is an actual power that you need to learn to manifest better.

DO: Love yourself first, forever and always

DON’T: Do anything you know will harm you

DO: Wear pink and yellow together, it does match. What are flowers, DUH?!

DO: Get over your exes before moving on.

DON’T: Beat yourself up about things because it makes it last longer.


DEFFO DO: Thank Yvens for allowing you the platform to write this letter.

Love from,

Your Older Self.

Contributed by Tamalah Panic

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