Iuri Santos

Contributed by Iuri Santos

Dear Iuri,

Right now you’re reading this letter thinking, who it’s from and why it came from the future. I will get to that later, you’re pretty young right now and probably won’t understand the way this works but the further you read this letter, the more your small self will understand what’s going on. But let me just say this, keep being yourself from the moment you read this letter and don’t try and change anything because if you do, I will probably cease to exists (that word basically means come to an end) – so I will basically die.

Anywho... let’s get to the good part son. Look Iuri, you’re a smart kid, and you will still be a smart kid. You’ll piss off quite a few people as you grow up, but those that stick with you are the people you’ll want to remember, and that includes Mum. She’s the realist MVP; that means she’s gonna be there always for whatever your needs are, man. Throughout your years you’ll be quite naive, meaning that you will always play the fool and fall into traps that will totally crush you, but before you know it, you’ll realise people for who they really are and you’ll learn to just cut them off.

Right now, I can imagine you have either zero friends or the biggest group of friends. That will happen from time to time but I’ll tell you this, keep your circle as small as possible because not everyone stays, but those who do will stay forever. Most ‘friends’ you’ll make will be temporary, that will be the case until I would say university when you’re 18, which is a while from when you read this letter. After that, most people you come across, including jobs, will most likely like your vibe and stay.

Listen, the lesson I’m trying to teach you here is that no matter who’s there or not, you have yourself kid, fuck all the temporary people, entertain them if you want, but just remember they probably only want things from you and they don’t want to return favours. But there are always those who will, and you have to remember those people for a long time because they are the real MVPs (and again, that includes Mum).

Right, so to conclude this letter, let me tell you who I am. I am you, little man, from the future. But like I said, don’t you go changing yourself for me or for anyone else, you are... actually I am, currently living a good life grinding for the craft that I love with the greatest people around me. I’m still a smart ass but everyone’s figured that out and loves me anyway.

Peace out kid, and do you.

Iuri, from 2018

Contributed by Iuri Santos

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