Ashagay Chantilou

Contributed by Ashagay Chantilou

Dear Ashagay,

I am writing a letter from the future me, letting you know you need to learn to love yourself, including your afro-textured hair and freckles! They're beautiful! It's just that our generation was brainwashed around society's definition of what beauty is, and as you get older you will come to realise society's eyes were sealed shut with ignorance. But nowadays, those eyes seem to be opening up and becoming more accepting of individuality. They will need our beauty then.

Secondly, don't perm your hair! You will live to regret it. Also, try to read more books. Express yourself more - even though you keep your feelings guarded - and also through the mediums of your art. Never stress over boys, as you have years left on this earth to find your fish in what may seem like a big pond.

Listen here Ash, choose your friends wisely! Here's a little bonus advice: don't go to the cheap Chinese nail shop, they'll damage your nails. Start a YouTube channel/blog from early, it'll become a very popular platform that attaches with it, success. As well as working on your mind and soul, its also necessary to look after your body, so be a vegetarian.

I'll leave you with these parting pieces of advice: Take more risks in life! I promise you, it will serve you well down the line. Stop wearing baggy clothes to school, it doesn't hide your skinniness and there's nothing wrong with your weight! Take your French classes seriously. Don't be ignorant and question why learning how to say "it is raining" in french is going to serve you in the future. Gather up all the skills you can, to equip you for the harsh conditions of the world.

Lastly, you better study Art instead of business in college.

P.s. Girl, your breast ain't never gonna get bigger & Mum is lying but it's ok, you're gonna love those small itty bitty breast - they look good😜

Love, The older you, Ashagay

Contributed by Ashagay Chantilou

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