Peter Adebayo

Dear Young lad,

I’m not upset, I’m just disappointed. Actually, let me not be so harsh, you didn’t know any better. Perhaps you weren’t properly educated. Perhaps you could have used the tools that were readily available to better use. Perhaps you could have been less slothful.

No, you’re not a footballer, you probably knew that wasn’t going to happen though as you weren’t properly determined. You never applied your mind to football even though you had a lot of innate talent. You saw it as something you did for leisure rather than something you could do as a profession.

You’re not a lawyer either, I guess this dream died when you got kicked off your GCSE Law course for plagiarising your coursework. But I guess once again, you never took it seriously.

There seems to be an ongoing trend, you probably have noticed that with most things you never really applied yourself 100%. Perhaps it is down to the fact that you were a jack of all trades and you were unaware of which field or which of your talents you could really and truly give your undivided attention to.

To be honest, let me not be so hard on you, you’ve done well. You laid the foundations that I am currently reaping the rewards for.

Enough about careers, let's have a little talk about your appearance.

Yes, those teeth you hated. I know this gave you a lot of insecurities and you began to hate them. You used to get the “why do you have so many teeth in your mouth Peter” comments. As well as the “why do you bleach your teeth Peter” comments. Yes, there were days when you would Google ‘how many teeth should a human being have in their mouth’ and you would spend minutes counting your teeth one by one and realised that you were just fine. However, Google still didn’t give you the affirmation and sense of security that you needed.

Yes, you went through pain that most of your peers didn’t at that age with your wisdom teeth all growing by the age of 13 but those who laughed at you back then are those who are probably struggling with wisdom teeth pain now :). At their age! :). (Yes, you are still childish).

Peter, Peter, Peter.. You probably know what I’m going to talk about now but I’m going to keep it very brief.

There is more to life than girls. There will always be girls. Focus on yourself before you focus on girls. You do not need girls in order validate yourself! Last thing on this topic. You know that line that you never used to understand. The line you used to hear when girls would dump your mates. Yes the “I need to find myself”. You know how you never understood it before. Well, I understand it now. I really do.

You are on a long journey. You have a lot of experience and every hurdle that comes your way you manage to overcome it with the helping hand of God.

And last but not the least, you always struggled with saying this but THANK YOU, you paved the way, try not to be so hard on yourself.


Old(ish) Lad.

Contributed by Peter Adebayo


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