Jordan Dawson

Dear, Younger Self,

Be proud of what you do and what you’re interested in. Don’t let someone tell you differently.

You may go through a time where you struggle with life. Not only at school when people pick on you for struggling to read, but also for having a passion for art, which people call a "doss" subject. Tell those people that everything in life revolves around art. Everything they see is made by some sort of artist. From the chairs, they sit on, to the houses they live in.

Later on, you may find out that you are in fact dyslexic, and those people who troubled you for reading in class will now hopefully feel bad for all the taunting. In fact, I’m having a little problem writing this but I’m hoping it all makes sense to you. You will see your writing and reading skills improve with time, as does everything else you do in life. They weren't lying about practice making perfect.

Another problem that may occur in your life growing up is your mental health. I found that art is a way of remedying this. With your art you create this world for yourself to go into your own space and time, once again feeling your true self.

From the moment I picked up my first pencil, to where I am now I would have never thought it was possible. My teachers used to tell me never to use pencils, to do something more challenging, yet I'm producing work I am proud of, and will now never look back. So if someone tells you to do something that you believe to be wrong, choose not to do it. Be a little more selfish, because you have to sometimes. I always used to think of others before me, but now I think back to the times where I should have thought about myself more.

The bullies that will taunt you for being overweight will marvel at you now, so don’t let them stand in the way of your work or your future. What I learned as I got older is that bullies only bully because of jealousy. They're jealous of you, your craft and your life, so don't let them project their fears and insecurities onto you. That's what I believe. Be unapologetic about your achievements, and then ask them what they’re doing with their lives now.

Keep doing what you're doing, I'm on the path towards my dreams, I hope you're following me, younger self.


From the Older you

Contributed by Jordan Dawson


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