Ebony Ximines-Parke

Dear 16 year old me,

“How could she leave me?”

“Does she love him more then me?”

“Did I not matter to her?”

“Why didn't she choose me?”

These are all perfectly good questions, but please know that we were loved. You see, in our lives we are going to know and meet a lot of people that are struggling internally with problems that are eating them up. Don't be angry, learn how to just let things go and move on. Mum left because of her own reasons, but she never stopped loving you, and eventually she does come back. Don't be too hard on her. In the future you two build a beautiful mother & daughter bond, an impervious trusting friendship.

GCSE's didn't go too well for you, and our first few college choices aren't the best either. You do however meet people along the way that are amazing and irreplaceable. Although for now we may not know what we want to do with our lives, it becomes clear after you have your first child. Yes, you do have some babies who are amazing, and the pain you once experienced with pregnancy may not go but once you have your daughter the pain becomes vindicated. You also give birth to a beautiful a son as well.

Trust in your hobby, as it will change your life and focus for the better. A lot of people may not understand the love you have for what you do, but believe me, it is right for you, and can take you places. Don't give up! Believe in your abilities. You eventually learn to focus in education and you really do well. You hit a few beautiful bumps in the road, but they are worth it and push you even more. STAY FOCUSED!

Now, I do feel like I should weigh in on a lot more, but to be honest my love, we'd be here all year. I will say never give up on love. You will be let down, hurt and feel pain but it's all because you kiss a few frogs.

Your prince is coming and DO NOT change who you are because you think it is you, the problem. You are not the problem my love.

Don't ever feel like you are asking too much in a relationship; you ask for things that are perfectly appropriate. Relationships are hard and you have to work at them, but when you start to feel nothing from your partner trust in yourself when you start to think you need to leave. It definitely is better for you in the long run.

This isn't a letter with all your answers I know but it's a good guide to help you navigate around the hardships of life. Be the person you are, do the things that you love, believe in you and eventually good things do happen.

Lots of love,

26 year old you x

Contributed by Ebony Ximines-Parke


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