Do you want to know how to write and submit your own entry of Letter to My Younger Self?


These steps summarise helpful insights in order to take part in this project, and they can all be downloaded and saved. Although, you may only need a pen and paper or a laptop. 

Let's get to writing. Your story matters, so here is a place tell it. 

Find your quiet place.


In a world so fast-paced and full of distractions it's easy to lose sight on the path you came from.


Find a quiet place, sit down and think about your journey up until now.

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Search your mind for a story to tell your younger self.

Search your past for a story that you can tell your younger self.


If you could, what would you say to your younger self? Is there a specific story you'd want to write about? Or would it be a piece of advice?

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Put your story into a Letter


Once you've found your story, it's time to start formulating it into a letter format. 

'Dear Younger Self...' should be enough, but you can be as creative with it as you like. 

While we don't have a word count, we do encourage your letter to be more than 300 words—so we can publish content that has enough substance to it.

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Attach a picture of yourself to go with your Letter.

We ask for a picture because we want to humanise your letter. We find that giving a face to your story can have more of an impact on others.

Your picture itself should capture the essence of your letter. Though, if you're stuck, a simple selfie will do.

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Share your Letter and inspire others with your story.

Once finished, we will publish your letter across our social channels.

We encourage our participants to also do the same, sharing their story because you never know who is listening or needs to hear it.

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Nominate someone else to take on this challenge.

If you know of anyone that would be interested in being part of this project or someone that would benefit from writing a letter, point them towards us.

One of our goals at Yvevolution is to create a space for a community that gives them a platform for people to share their important stories.

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